Water Mist Fire Suppression System Installation for homes and residential properties

The next generation sprinkler system

Burgate Fire design, supply, install and maintain water mist systems for homes and residential properties in Kent, London and the South East. Our industry leading fire suppression systems are fully compliant to BS:8458 and manufactured here in the UK by iCO Products. A member of the FPA and an ISO9001 registered company. Contact us for a free quote.


iCO is fire tested to BS:8458 residential watermist standard and BS:9252 sprinkler standard.

Flexible High Pressure Hose

Using flexible small bore high pressure hose the iCO system is easy to install.

Flush Nozzles

The iCO nozzles sit flush with the ceiling making them as discrete as possible.

Self Testing

The iCO pump unit automatically tests once per week to ensure the unit is functioning correctly.

Significant Savings

With the revolutionary technologies throughout iCO, fire safety can be offered at a reasonable price for the first time.

Low Flow

iCO runs purely from the mains water supply, no large water storage tanks required.

More Information

On average ICO uses 80% less water

Water Comparison

ICO's discrete nozzles sit flush with the ceiling

iCO Nozzle

Allows for open-plan living

Open Plan Living

Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible tubing is required to be mounted behind a fire rated barrier. Stainless Steel 316 rigid pipework can also be used for surface run applications where there is no fire rated barrier is not suitable.

iCO has a pair of volt free contacts for fire and fault; allowing it to be connected to third party equipment such as fire systems.

We would recoomend using iCO in the occupancy types listed below.

Domestic occupancy Single family dwellings such as:

  • Individual dwelling house
  • Individual flat
  • Individual maisonette
  • Transportable home

Houses of multiple occupation (HMOs)

Bed and breakfast accommodation

Boarding houses Blocks of flats 18m or less in height and with a maximum total floor area of 2400 square metres.

iCO must be installed and commisioned by a Certified iCO Installer in order to conform to the BS:8458 watermist standard.

Yes, installing iCO without removing the plasterboard is much like installing spotlights. The easy fixing nozzles and the flexible tube make this especially straightforward making it a hassle-free addition to any property.

The self test will be performed once a week at the same time that the pump was initially powered on.

Yes, for a premium, the colour of the nozzles can be altered to match any desired colour. This will incur longer lead times. Contact our your local installer for any colour alterations.

Each nozzle contains a frangible bulb, that heats up in the event of a fire this then bursts activating the system and allows mist to exit the nozzle.

The iCO system has passed witnessed testing of all of the required BS8458 standard tests.

The pump unit is 350mm x 281mm x 270mm. Nothing must be placed on top of the pump and a 200mm air gap must be maintained around the unit once installed. The weight of the pump is 16kg.

One nozzle protects a 4m x 4m area, it must be a maximum of 2m from a wall and there must be a maximum of 4m between nozzles.

Burgate Fire are certified by iCO to retrofit fire suppression systems for existing homes and new build properties. We will handle all aspects of your installation, including surveys, design, fitting, testing and system maintenance post-installation. Contact us for a free quote or similar

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