About Ceasefire

Ceasefire UK is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Ceasefire Industries, the most trusted fire safety brand in India and a fast emerging global conglomerate. With its globally certified, holistically-integrated range of fire fighting solutions, the company is amongst the rarest in the world to have such a diverse product portfolio as part of one eco-system.

With a 360 degree holistically integrated, globally certified product portfolio, Ceasefire epitomises quality & excellence. For decades now the brand has been a leading manufacturer of pioneering firefighting systems and extinguishers that are built at the very forefront of new-age technology.

A Full-Spectrum Kitchen Firefighting Range

Ceasefire today offers an integrated range of kitchen firre suppression systems and fire extinguishers to suit the needs of every kind of a kitchen, be it a commercial one or domestic. The range includes, Watermist & Wetchemical Based, Engineered and Pre Engineered Systems & hand-held extinguishers.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Widest Range of Watermist Based Supperssion Systems

Ceasefire offers a full-spectrum range of Watermist based suppression systems to suit the needs of every kind of premises and application. These include highly advanced Indoor Auto-Quell Systems, Specialized Systems for Generator, Transformers and Kitchen protection.

Water Mist Based Suppression